The Shop

Cakes + Co is open

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 4pm.

We are an independent bakery/cafe, located in the heart of the historical town of Stamford.

The perfect spot to enjoy our Bakers Brunch menu, speciality coffee and delicous handmade cakes and savoury bakes.

You can eat in or have everything boxed up to takeaway.

The Cakes

All cakes are 100% handmade, using proper ingredients and local produce.

Our eggs are always free range and we always use real butter.

We are not fans of excessively fatty or sugar laden foods. With our extensive baking experience, we are able to keep our fat + sugar content as low as possible, while keeping all our cakes truly delicious.

Home of the CinABUN...

The People

The Baker

Stewart’s (@blackbaker.stamford) passions are inventing new recipes, experimenting with flavours and recreating classic bakes with modern twists.

Stewart has developed our legendary Og CinABUN.

The Cake Lover

Jade’s passions are hospitality ,travel ,interior design and food development.

Together, they opened Cakes + Co in June 2019 to share the deliciousness with everyone.